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National Offers Dodge

Offer Valid Until March 31, 2020

AMVIC Licensed. Total discounts of up to $12,750 + $99 Tower Dodge dealership discount are offered on new 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan models and consist of $10,750 in Consumer Cash (deducted before taxes) and up to $2,000 on select models in Ultimate Minivan Bonus Cash (excludes CVP and SXT models, deducted after taxes). Discounts are as follows on new (unused) 2019 Grand Caravan models: Grand Caravan Canada Value Package: $6,300 off; Grand Caravan SXT models $10,750 off; Grand Caravan 35th Anniversary: $10,750 + select models qualify for an additional $1,895 off; Grand Caravan Trim Levels SXT Premium Plus and above trim levels (excluding 35th Anniversary): $10,750 + select models qualify for an additional $2,000. This offer cannot be combined with low rate financing. Learn more from your dealer. (19GV4998 qualifies for the $10,750 AND the $2,000 off + Tower Dodge gave an additional $99 off. 19GV8452 qualifies for $10,750 off and the additional $1,895 Off + Tower Dodge gave an additional $99 off). Tower Dodge does our best to ensure the rebates are reflected accurately on our website.